Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce 24 oz

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Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce 24 oz
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Reviews (34)
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Kristy Huang
The price of the three crab fish sauce weee is cheaper than the shopping mall, 👍
This brand of fish sauce tastes very good and it is the second time to buy back. like!
Melissa Yeap | 美云
They wrapped it well. This is my first time buying from wee.
The three crab fish sauce is the best, with the sweetness of fish. Buying bottles and cans at weee is the most assured, so you don’t have to worry about damage if you pack them tightly. Let’s take a group photo of the bottles and cans you bought this time.
There is no substitute for this fish sauce when making Vietnamese soup. So good.
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Hong Kong
Unit Qty:
24 oz