XO Sauce Taro Cake 1000 g

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XO Sauce Taro Cake 1000 g
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Reviews (12)
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Tina Lee
Xin Ye XO Taro Cake with Sauce tastes good, will repurchase!
This taro cake is delicious; you can eat taro, very fragrant. I added more eggs and red onion sauce to make it more delicious! recommend!
Without deicing, add a little frying until slightly charred, and dip it with garlic sauce. I think it's very delicious, with a thick taro taste (speaking quietly, it's better than some takeaway dim sum shops).
There’s actually a good amount of xo sauce in each piece. The sauce makes each piece salty, spicy and a little fishy from the dried scallops. It’s an interesting flavor, but you are probably better off with regular taro cake and your own jar of xo sauce. Not worth the money if it’s not on sale
Barbara Ma
SoSo Really not so good Although it burned him on all sides But still not particularly stunning It's fine if you have eaten it
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1000 g