Yellow Dragon Fruit 4.5-5 lb

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Yellow Dragon Fruit 4.5-5 lb
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Reviews (2118)
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The packaging is good, but it is not very fresh when opened. Some parts have to be cut off and thrown away when eating. The taste is quite sweet.
This time the one is a bit too big, only five in a box, but it tastes good 👍
Zhang Yi
This yellow dragon fruit is very sweet and delicious
Fresh sweet tasty but now I have learned a lesson do not eat 2 all at once 🥺
Christa Deng
Children’s favorite, buy cheaply at special prices
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Unit Qty:
4.5-5 lb

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature or refrigerate.

Fruits found on the South American climbing cactus. Ok, that's cool. Of all the dragon fruits, the yellow type is the sweetest. A superior dragon fruit? You'll have to tell us the dragon winner. Take it slow though. This fruit is known to move your intestines. Powerful, indeed.

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