Zhensan Green Onion Pancake 5pk 90 g

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Zhensan Green Onion Pancake 5pk 90 g
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Always get when on sale
I'm really sorry 😅5 minutes of appearance~~ Really feel delicious😋 It's really crispy and fragrant for the dough control! With two eggs and SPAM luncheon meat, dinner is very satisfying!
Maggie Yeh
It's delicious, no need to put oil and deicing, it is really Taiwanese!
It’s delicious to make scallion pancakes with eggs
I added eggs and hot sauce for breakfast It's delicious, there are a lot of green onions, will repurchase
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90 g

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, shortening, soybean oil, spring onion oil, chives, salt, and sugar.

Allergens: Wheat, soybean.

Storage conditions: Frozen storage for 12 months.

Also known as green Chinese scallion pancakes or Congyoubing (say that really fast to prove that you can), you might recognize this Asian pancake for it's flaky, crispy, and chewy-on-the-inside goodness. With some sprinkles of green onion for the crunch and flavor, they're perfect for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. How long will these five packages last you? Heck, let's dim sum and chill at home.