Kibun Japanese Oden Seafood with Soup Base Assorted Pack 26.87 oz

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Kibun Japanese Oden Seafood with Soup Base Assorted Pack 26.87 oz
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Reviews (64)
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It's delicious, as good as Japanese
The taste of the soup base is good, and it is delicious if you add anything to it.
It's a big bag, I bought the noodles, and it was delicious with vegetables and eggs. But if you like, you can pour it all down in a pot and boil it. There is sauce in it.
I just arrived home today, and immediately cooked mung bean wide noodle soup (for two adults) = half of the ingredients + organic bone soup + red and white radish + sweet beans + Taiwanese spinach (first blanched to remove oxalate) + mung bean wide noodles! good to eat!
It’s delicious. I’ve bought it many times.
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26.87 oz

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated.

Oden, or Japanaese fish cake stew, is winter comfort food. Use this package with a soup base to create a one pot wonder. Throw in your own goodies to make it your own. The best part? Leftovers the next day are worth waiting for. Everything soaks up flavors, and life is good.