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Buydeem Mini Kettle Cooker K313, Green 600ml 1 cái

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Nguồn gốc:Trung Quốc Đại LụcSố lượng:1 cáiThương hiệu:Buydeem

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Buydeem Mini Kettle Cooker K313 Cozy Greenish (600ml) 

Capacity : 600ml

Size: 10.79'' x 8.43'' x 6.85''

Weight: 1.6lbs

Color: Cozy Greenish

Material: German Schott Duran glass & food-grade 18/10 stainless steel 


  • IF DESIGN AWARD 2020 - Modern looks & sleek design are perfect for any type of home decor. It can also be an awesome gift for your family and friends!
  • ULTRALIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN - Thanks to the ultralight-weight design, you can take our portable kettle with you to any city without worrying. Perfect for use in dorm rooms, home, camping, traveling, office, hotels, and many other places. Enjoy HOT tea, coffee, milk, and more - anywhere you want.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - Designed with real ONE-TOUCH premium temperature control & 8-hour automatic keep-warm function, which allows you to take full control over how HOT you want. It can boil up to 0.6L to provide you with HOT water anytime.
  • PRECISE COOKING CONTROL - Whether tea, coffee, cocoa, or even a bowl of oatmeal, the BUYDEEM K313 mini kettle enables stewing to be more precise and efficient while keeping the nutritional value and original taste of the ingredients.
  • DURABLE & SAFE TO USE - German Schott Duran glass & food-grade 18/10 stainless steel with FDA certifications ensure the durability of our kettle.




  • Two cooking modes – Versatile cooking and boiling modes
  • Mini but mighty – Holds 500ml of water, liquid and ingredients
  • Control your cooking temperature – Boil mode has 3 water temperature settings so that you can cook veggies, soup and more to perfection
  • Keeps food warm – For those with families or who just like to enjoy a long meal, this smart kettle cooker keeps food warm even after cooking is done.
  • Great for small kitchens, offices and travelling – Boasts a net weight of just 1.6lbs and a foldable handle



Don’t be fooled by this kettle cooker’s small stature — it packs a powerful punch in the kitchen. With an easy-to-use touchscreen, convenient presets and cooking temperatures and innovative features, this countertop essential is a must-have. Even better, this cooker is small and kitchen-friendly with its compact design, 1.6lbs weight and a boasts a foldable handle. It also comes in a charming cozy greenish.


Choose from two convenient modes: cook mode and boil mode. Cook mode has 3 cooking time settings to choose from. The 10-minute mode is perfect for tea, quick porridge or oatmeal, instant ramen, more delicate greens and boiling eggs. The 45-minute mode works for soup and veggies like potatoes, carrots, etc. The 90-minute mode is meant for meat, stews and soups.


The boil mode has 3 water temperature settings: 40℃ (104℉), 60℃ (140℉) and 100℃ (212℉). The 40℃ setting is perfect for reconstituting milk powder but not limit. The 60℃ is perfect for honey water and more. The 100℃ is super-versatile. It boils water and is great for cooking tea etc.



If you live at a high altitude, you know that cooking can be more of a challenge. For areas at an altitude of over 250m, this cooker is a great choice. To use this altitude-boil setting, add 600mL of water (or any liquid) to the pot, then hold in the boil button for 3 seconds. You’ll see the start/stop button blink. Touch start/top and the high altitude detection beings, and your kettle cooker will memorize this setting for next time.


This smart cooker boasts memory technology. Here’s who it works: Example:If your cooking mode is on for 90 minutes, then you accidently press the stop button, you have 30 minutes to press start again. If you press start again in that allotted time, your kettle cooker will start cooking again with the correct time remaining as your original preset.


Have you ever mispressed a button while watching TV or surfing the web? This smart kettle cooker allows for goof-proof cooking. Here’s how it works: If you’ve turned on cooking mode for 45 minutes, then accidently press the boiling mode, your setting won’t change. You’ll need to confirm your selection to change the setting.


When cold water is added to the kettle cooker, this cooker detects it and automatically beings heating it to 100℃ (212℉).


With its mini stature, this kettle cooker is light and portable. Bring it with you while traveling, to the office for lunches, glamping or even on a business trip for quick, healthy cooking.


Although this kettle cooker doesn’t take up too much space on your countertop, its mini stature is might. It holds 600mL of ingredients.


Once cooking mode has counted down its time, this smart cooker will keep warm your meal warm at 60℃ (140℉) for up to 8 hours. Perfect for those dinners that linger on into the late evening.


This technology sounds complicated but it’s quite simple. Negative temperature coefficient is used for resistive temperature sensors and current-limiting devices. It ensures the temperatures on your mini kettle cooker is accurate.


With it’s convenient handle and small design, this kettle cooker can also double as a teacup or mug. Yes, that means less dishes!


With a net weight of just 1.6lbs and a foldable handle, this mini kettle cooker gets even smaller as well as cabinet- and countertop-friendly.


Coated with a silicon material, the bottom features a non-slip group for safer cooking.


As with all BUYDEEM products, this kettle cooker is constructed with all food-grade and FDA-approved materials: German Schott DURAN® borosilicate glass and 316L stainless steel.


User Manual

User Manual



What is the Buydeem warranty policy?

We offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty on all Buydeem items.

This policy is in place to guarantee our customers’ defect-free products. After review and acceptance of a warranty service, Buydeem will repair the item, replace it, or refund the customer. Valid on products used in the United States or Canada, if a product leaves these countries, the warranty is no longer applicable. Please note that Buydeem Limited Warranty extends to the original purchaser only.


What does the warranty cover? 

The Buydeem Limited Warranty covers manufacturer defects.


At Buydeem we take great care to manufacture products with excellence and attention to detail. Unfortunately, we can not foresee everything, for that reason this warranty covers issues that result outside of typical use.


What is excluded from the warranty? 

Damage, misuse, abuse, neglect, as well as normal wear and tear of a product are not covered.

Any use outside of operating instructions is not covered. We do not cover damage resulting from commercial use, improper assembly, failure to provide maintenance, flood, fire, disassembly, dropping, etc. On top of that, any modifications, repairs, or added parts unauthorised by Buydeem void the warranty. We hold the right to review and deney Limited Warranty requests based on evidence of any user caused issues.


How do I request a warranty service? 

To begin a warranty request, contact customer service at support@buydeemglobal.com. 

When contacting us, please provide product model number, order number, purchase information, and a short description of the issue. Within 24 hours a friendly member of our customer service team will contact you.

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