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The Taste of Southern China

🧨 It's almost Lunar New Year! 🧨

Did you know that each region in China has its own flavors and customs they go by when they celebrate the Lunar New Year?

Common flavors of the south include rice cakes, fish, and sesame balls amongst others

Let's explore the common dishes you'll typically find on the table, shall we? 🧧


Glutinous Rice Dumplings & Rice Cakes 

Rice cakes or "niangao" in Chinese is a homonym for wishing someone to be elevated in whatever area one desires - wealth, success, career, academics, etc

Hence, many will have rice cakes throughout the Spring festival

These also make an excellent gift option for family, friends, relatives & loved ones


Hot Pot With Loved Ones

Many places in Southern China, such as Sichuan, will enjoy hot pot for their New Year Eve's dinner

The hot pot symbolizes "reunion" and "unity" since everyone is eating from the same pot  



Savory Seafood Soup

Fish or "yu" signifies abundance and prosperity in the Chinese language

Hence, many families will have fish and other seafood for their New Year's Eve dinner as a way of wishing each other another year of abundance, success, wealth, and good luck



Popular Pastries & Desserts

These include sesame seed balls, Eight Treasure Rice Pudding (babaofan), almond cookies, egg tarts & more



Fresh & Delicious Fruits

Tangerines in the Chinese language sound similar to the word "luck" meanwhile the color orange closely resembles that of gold ingots (currency used in the dynasties)

Hence, consuming tangerines around this time of the year is known to bring good luck and wealth to you and your loved ones!



Common Seasonings Found in Southern Cuisines

Flavor your meals with these delicious sauces, seasonings, and dry goods from the South