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A bowl of delight - icon
A bowl of delight
Rice Ball Selections

The must have dessert for gatherings

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Roll into happiness!
Homemade Riceball

Share the joy with your creations

Xing Hua Lou New Year Gift Box
Since 1851, Xing Hua Lou has been a Shanghainese family classic.
DXC Assorted Pastry Gift Set
The bright red color signifies prosperity and good luck!
Apples for well wishes
"Píng guǒ" (apple) echoes "peace" or "safety" (píng'ān), adding a touch of meaning to your New Year wishes.
Wagyu beef gift set
A culinary masterpiece, appealing to the most discerning palates.
Seafood Manifest prosperity with the inclusion of fish, as the Chinese word for fish (魚) echoes notions of "surplus" and "extra.
Ready to eat seafood set
Preparing seafood can be intimidating, so here are some great choices that come packed with flavor!
Health-conscious gifts
Nourish in the richness of amino acids from bird's nest and the revitalizing power of ginseng.
Best of beauty gift sets
The classic anti-aging skincare set from Sulwhasoo is an excellent choice as a gift or for personal use.
Hot-selling seasonings
Instant seasoning that will amp up the flavors of the dish!