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#1 White Rabbit Creamy Candy

White Rabbit Creamy Candy

White Rabbit Creamy Candy

This creamy candy is perfect for those craving a sweet treat. Originating from Asia, its lusciously smooth and milky flavor is a favorite across different cultures. It can even be used to add a unique twist to traditional asian desserts. This candy isn't frozen, providing immediate enjoyment upon purchase. Not a health-focused item, moderation is key to enjoy its delightful taste. Perfect for candy lovers seeking a novel experience.

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#2 Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix Bag

Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix Bag

Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix Bag

This tropical candy mix provides a thrilling taste experience. Ideal for those looking for exotic sweetness, the Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix Bag offers an array of tropical flavors like pineapple, coconut, mango, and more. Every chew is packed with real fruit juices. Not a typical confectionery, it’s perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings. Perfect for candy lovers wanting a taste of the tropics.


#3 Kasugai Fruit Gummy Lychee

Kasugai Fruit Gummy Lychee

Kasugai Fruit Gummy Lychee

This lychee-flavored gummy from Kasugai offers a unique candy alternative. Its sweet-tangy flavor offers the authentic taste of exotic lychee fruits, providing a delightful sugar rush. While not traditionally used in Asian dishes, it's perfect as a palate cleanser or dessert after meals. It's a healthier choice in the candy category, containing real fruit juice and less artificial ingredients. Ideal for those craving a twist to their regular sweets intake.


#4 Kopiko Cappuccino Candy

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy (min 2)

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy

This confectionery offering is the perfect pick for consumers with a sweet tooth. Kopiko Cappuccino Candy presents a unique blend of coffee and milky flavors wrapped in a tasty candy bite, bringing together the indulgence of dessert and the rich, warm notes of cappuccino. It's a delightful treat that can be enjoyed as is or used as a distinctive flavor in candy-infused Asian desserts. Though not a health food item per se, it's a small treasure to be enjoyed in moderation.

$1.79 - $1.99
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#5 UHA Puchao Cola&Soda Candies

UHA Puchao Cola&Soda Candies

UHA Puchao Cola&Soda Candies

UHA Puchao Cola&Soda Candies are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. A Japanese delight, it offers a unique blend of soda and cola flavors in chewable form. While not specifically used in Asian dishes, they are ideal for snacking or ending a meal. These candies, conveniently available online, satisfy cravings instantly. Quick shipping ensures fresh delivery. The perfect bite-sized morsel for those seeking fun flavors!

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