Buy Ensaymada online

Buy Ensaymada online

Discover the sweet delight of Ensaymada, a timeless Filipino treat known for its buttery, sugary richness. Understand its cultural significance in the Philippines, where it is a staple during Christmas and other special occasions. Here, you will uncover the secrets behind the mouth-watering goodness of Ensaymada, starting from its history to various recipes representing different regional variations.

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Muhlach Ensaymada Cheddar Cheese Flavor (12 count), Frozen

Muhlach Ensaymada Cheddar Cheese Flavor (12 count), Frozen

The Muhlach Ensaymada offers a burst of delightful cheddar cheese flavor, making it an ideal choice for those desiring an authentic Asian pastry. Its frozen condition ensures freshness and convenience, simply thaw and enjoy. This chiffon-like bread, typically part of traditional Filipino meals, is perfect for snack or dessert. Its distinctive sweet and savory taste, coupled with convenience, makes this Philippine delicacy a must-have in every pantry.

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Goldilocks Classic Cheese Ensaymada

Goldilocks Classic Cheese Ensaymada

The Goldilocks Classic Cheese Ensaymada is a must-have for fans of Filipino baked goods. Its combination of soft brioche-like bun, topped with butter, sugar, and cheese promises a rich, sweet-savory treat. It's perfect for merienda or snack time, paired with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate. Enjoy it as is to savor its unique flavors. If frozen options are available, it provides lasting freshness and convenience as you can stock and enjoy it anytime.

$3.29 - $3.79
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Muhlach Ensaymada Ube (Purple Yam) Flavor (12 count), Frozen

Muhlach Ensaymada Ube (Purple Yam) Flavor (12 count), Frozen

The Muhlach Ensaymada Ube is a luscious Filipino pastry, blending the unique sweet taste of purple yam, ideal for both breakfast and dessert. Frozen to preserve freshness, it provides ultimate convenience allowing you to indulge anytime you crave. Just heat to enjoy its soft, fluffy texture and decadently cheesy topping. This traditional treat is delightful with coffee or tea - a touch of the Philippines' rich culinary scene right at your table.

$13.99 - $15.49
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Magic Melt Ensaymada Assorted Flavors (Cheese, Ube, Yema) Brioche

Magic Melt Ensaymada Assorted Flavors (Cheese, Ube, Yema) Brioche

This diverse pack offers a trio of flavors (Cheese, Ube, Yema) fulfilling the cravings for authentic Filipino Ensaymada. A soft, brioche-style bread topped with butter, sugar, and a variety of flavors, it's perfect for breakfast or a sweet snack. Please note, it is frozen for convenience, ensuring freshness upon arrival. Ideal for those familiar with Filipino cuisine or adventurous foodies looking to try new Asian pastries.

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Goldilocks Ube Ensaymada

Goldilocks Ube Ensaymada

This product is a premium sweet bread, Ensaymada, infused with luscious Ube flavor. It is perfectly suited for any meal, particularly special in Asian brunch spreads. The velvety, sweet Ube adds an exotic twist to the traditional ensaymada taste. Ideal for those aiming for unique Filipino culinary experiences. It’s a ready-to-eat item, adding convenience to your grocery needs. A delightful fusion of tradition and innovation in every bite.

$3.99 - $4.29
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Frequently asked questions

What is ensaymada?

Ensaymada is a sweet and buttery Filipino pastry that is commonly enjoyed as a breakfast or snack.

Is ensaymada gluten-free?

No, ensaymada is not gluten-free as it is made with flour.

Is ensaymada suitable for vegans?

No, ensaymada is not suitable for vegans as it contains eggs and dairy products like butter and cheese.

Can I freeze ensaymada?

Yes, ensaymada can be frozen. Just make sure to wrap each piece tightly in plastic wrap or foil before placing them in a freezer bag. They can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Can ensaymada be customized with different toppings?

Yes, ensaymada can be customized with different toppings such as salted egg, ube (purple yam), or even chocolate.

Can ensaymada be eaten cold?

Yes, ensaymada can be enjoyed both warm and cold, depending on personal preference.

Are there any variations of ensaymada?

Yes, there are variations of ensaymada, such as adding fillings like ube halaya or even salted caramel.

Is ensaymada a popular pastry in the Philippines?

Yes, ensaymada is a popular pastry in the Philippines and is often enjoyed during special occasions or as a snack.

What are the main ingredients in ensaymada?

The main ingredients in ensaymada include flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and grated cheese.

Is ensaymada suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, ensaymada is suitable for vegetarians as it does not contain any meat or animal by-products.

How should I store ensaymada?

Ensaymada should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 days or in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

How do I reheat ensaymada?

To reheat ensaymada, you can either microwave it for a few seconds or warm it in a preheated oven at 350°F (175°C) for about 5 minutes.

Is ensaymada a traditional Filipino dessert?

Yes, ensaymada is considered a traditional Filipino dessert that has Spanish influences.

Is ensaymada best paired with any beverage?

Ensaymada is often paired with hot chocolate or coffee, but it can also be enjoyed on its own.

Can I make ensaymada at home?

Yes, ensaymada can be made at home using various recipes that can be found online or in cookbooks.

Where can I buy ensaymada?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,