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Buy inari online

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and culinary delight that is Inari. Originating from Japan, Inari holds a significant place in Japanese folklore as the god of rice and agriculture. Here, you'll uncover the fascinating significance of Inari, learn about time-honored Inari recipes, understand the essential equipment needed, and get step-by-step cooking instructions. From its historical relevance to modern takes on beloved recipes, this page is a comprehensive guide to everything Inari. Furthermore, we’ll link you to a selection of related recipes and products to further your Inari journey.

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Popular recipes

Inari Sushi

This easy to make recipe brings together the unique flavors of inari with sushi rice. The process involves filling the sushi rice in the fried tofu pouches which is a delightful meal for any sushi lover. The ingredients for this recipe are sushi rice, rice vinegar, sugar, and of course, (inari).

Inari Stir Fry

This is a quick stir-fry dish using with vegetables for a great weeknight dinner. The meal is well-appreciated for its taste and healthfulness. The recipe calls for inari, bell peppers, carrots, soy sauce, and sesame oil.

Inari Soup in Instant Pot

This recipe offers a hearty, flavorful soup featuring and miso. Prepared in an Instant Pot, it’s warming, nourishing, and oh-so-comforting. All you need is inari, miso paste, tofu, wakame, and green onion.

Inari and Vegetables Rice Cooker Meal

A simple, delicious and healthy meal made directly in your rice cooker, combines the flavors of inari with fresh vegetables. This filling one-pot meal includes , jasmine rice, edamame, peas, and carrots.

Noodle and Inari Salad

This recipe offers a delightful cold salad blending the textures of noodles and . Perfect for any meal or even a starter. You would need inari, chow mein noodles, cucumber, green onions, and soy sauce for this recipe.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Inari?

Inari is a seasoned and cooked pouch made from deep-fried tofu. It's of Japanese origin and is typically used in sushi rolls.

What is the use of Inari?

Inari is mainly used as a casing for sushi rice in a dish known as Inari Sushi. It can also be used in salads and soups.

Is Inari vegan-friendly?

Yes, Inari is vegan-friendly as it is made from tofu.

How do you prepare Inari for cooking?

Inari is ready to use straight out of the package. However, if it's in a can, you just need to gently squeeze out the excess liquid before using it.

Can Inari be cooked?

Yes, Inari can be heated in a pan along with other ingredients to add flavor.

Can I eat Inari raw?

Yes, Inari can be eaten straight from the package. It is already cooked and seasoned, so it's safe to eat raw.

Where can I buy Inari?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

Can you use Inari in stir-fries?

Yes, Inari can be added to stir-fries. Its sweet flavor makes a tasty contrast to savory stir-fry ingredients.

Where is Inari from?

Inari is a Japanese cooking ingredient.

What does Inari taste like?

Inari has a sweet and savory taste, with a slightly chewy texture.

Is Inari gluten-free?

Yes, the tofu part of Inari is naturally gluten-free. However, the seasoning used may contain gluten, so always read labels if you follow a gluten-free diet.

How should Inari be stored?

Inari should be stored in the refrigerator once the packaging is opened. Use it within a few days for best quality.

How healthy is Inari?

Inari is relatively low in calories and fat, but it should be consumed in moderation due to its high sodium content.

How do you make Inari sushi?

Simply fill the Inari pouches with seasoned sushi rice. You can also add additional fillings like vegetables or cooked fish if desired.

Can you freeze Inari?

Yes, Inari can be frozen to extend its shelf life. It's best to freeze it in its original liquid to prevent it from drying out.

What's the difference between Inari and tofu?

Inari is made from tofu, but while tofu is quite bland, Inari is seasoned and has a sweet and savory flavor.