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[Korea Direct ] Samyuk soy milk, black beans, walnuts and almonds 3040 ml


Made In:South KoreaUnit Qty:3040 ml
Milk,Tree Nuts,Soy,Almond,Walnut,Pine Nut.



190 ml × 16 pack = 3,040 ml per pack

Expiration date: 7months from the date of manufacture

Storage and handling methods
Avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid places, and airy room temperature
Keep it and eat it as soon as possible or refrigerate it after opening.

Product Features
It has black beans, walnuts, and almonds, so it's very savory!!!!!!!!!!


Raw material name
88% soy milk (7.0% or more of soybean solids, soybean-foreign (US, Canada, Australia, etc.), sugar, malto-oligosaccharide,
Soybean oil (foreign (US, Thailand, Belgium, etc.), peanut paste (Chinese), other fructose, calcium carbonate, Arabian gum,
glycerin fatty acid ester, 0.14% walnut paste (100% solid, US), 0.2% black bean extract,
(50% solid, domestic), 0.2% almond paste (100% solid, US), modified starch, refined salt,
Glycerin fatty acid ester, pine paste, vegetable oil, lecithin, magnesium carbonate, natural fragrance (natural)
vanilla extract), synthetic flavoring (nut-flavored), purified water


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