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4505 Chicharrones Pork Rinds, Chili and Salt Flavor

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Ingredients: Fried pork skin, salt, coconut palm sugar, spices, fried in rendered pork fat.

When we say pork belly, you say ¡Chicharrones! Not only because it's fun to say out loud, but also because this 4505 package is a gift from the Mexican snack gods themselves. Made from the cuts of the pig's back and belly, removed of all fat before frying, you get chili and salt seasoned deep-fried pork skins. A little zing, a little sweetness, and so much melt-in-your-mouth goodness. They have 0 carbs, 7g of protein, and are keto and paleo-certified. The kind of snack you'll want to be in a relationship with because it has no problems committing to you. Never let go. Literally, you'll never let this bag go.