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Air-shipped Australian Lychee 1 lb

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Made In:New ZealandUnit Qty:1 lb


A blushing bumpy fruit with a big secret inside. Surprise--it's a lychee. A native fruit to China, once peeled, the white meat is juicy and amazingly sweet. Take the seed out, and freeze it for the perfect snack. Peeling speed matters when that lychee craving hits. 



Australia first started harvesting lychee 

in the 1870s.

The humid weather there is very good

for lychee growth, that's why

their lychees are big and juicy!



「Fresh Lychee in Winter」

You usually can't buy fresh lychee

during winter because it is not on season.

However! Being in the Southern Hemisphere,

Australia is the best producer for lychee at

this season.


Our Lychee is freshly air shipped all the way from Australia!

Guaranteed best quality 🥰



What are you waiting for? 😋

Try our top lychee!




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