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Amul Cheese Slices 7.06 oz

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Made In:IndiaUnit Qty:7.06 ozBrand:Amul


Product Highlights:

Are you ready to experience the perfect slice of cheesy goodness? Introducing Amul Cheese Slices, a taste that transports you to the heart of India.
Made from the finest quality milk, these 7.06 oz cheese slices are incredibly versatile and bring a rich and creamy flavor to your dishes.
Conveniently pre-sliced, these cheese slices are ready to be used in sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and more, making your meal preparation a breeze.
Enjoy the convenience of these individually wrapped slices, ensuring freshness and easy portioning for your culinary creations.
Whether you're melting it over a piping hot burger, layering it in a classic grilled cheese sandwich, or adding it to your favorite Indian recipes, Amul Cheese Slices elevate every bite.
Embrace the deliciousness of this iconic Indian brand and indulge in the authentic taste that has been loved by generations.

Product Description:

Get ready to savor the iconic taste of Amul Cheese Slices, the ultimate slice of cheesy goodness that evokes nostalgia and takes your taste buds on a delightful journey. Crafted from the finest quality milk, these cheese slices bring a rich and creamy flavor to your favorite dishes. With the perfect balance of meltability and taste, they are ideal for creating the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, layering in burgers, or adding a cheesy touch to wraps and rolls. Each slice is individually wrapped for convenience and freshness, ensuring easy portioning and storage. Experience the authentic taste that has been cherished by generations, and let Amul Cheese Slices become a staple in your kitchen for adding a touch of cheesiness to all your culinary creations.

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