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BJ Instant Vermicelli, Hot Spicy Flavor

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BJ Instant Vermicelli, Hot Spicy Flavor 525 g
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Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:525 g


   Vermicelli: edible sweet potato starch, edible corn starch, edible tapioca starch, palm oil, edible salt, food additives

   Soup base: palm oil, watercress, chili, edible salt, tempeh, garlic, pepper, yeast extract, water, cumin, white sugar, soybeans, dehydrated onion, food additives

Allergens: This product contains soybean.

Please store in a cool and dry place.

Shelf life: 360 days

The vermicelli is made from whole grains that are not fried. The soup base is stir-fried with Sichuan hot pot ingredients and over 10 kinds of spices, and then added to boiled beef bone broth, making it spicy and delicious.