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Blackwood For Men Scalp Salvation Massager


If it feels good, do it! Especially when that good feeling actually makes your hair & scalp healthier!

Our Scalp Salvation Massager not only brings a heavenly sensation to your shower, it also serves a very earthly function: cleansing the scalp & clearing the way for healthier hair growth.

Hold massager in your palm with handle between index & middle fingers, then rub in small circles over full length of scalp, front to back, for at least one minute.

The result is more cleansing & exfoliation, with less flaking & inflammation. Excess oil & buildup are removed & pores are opened, leading to more robust growth while also priming the scalp for delivery of hair products.

Soft but sturdy, made of hypoallergenic silicone that you clean by simply rinsing with water. Also safe to leave in Barbicide.

Boost your scalp health with a higher power!