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Braised Beef

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Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Braised Three Delicacies of Beef Featuring a diverse array of ingredients, our Braised Three Delicacies of Beef brings together carefully selected beef brisket, tender beef tendon, and succulent beef tripe. These prime ingredients are rich in high-quality protein, offering you a delightful and nutritious experience. Employing traditional cooking techniques, we slow-cook each piece of tender meat to perfection, allowing it to meld seamlessly with the savory essence of the sauce. Additionally, the inclusion of red carrots adds vibrancy to the dish while providing a wealth of vitamins, enhancing the sweetness and richness of the broth. The meat is exquisitely tender and flavorful, boasting a silky texture akin to threads. A subtle chewiness adds to the sensory experience. The abundant and flavorful broth encapsulates the true essence of the beef, releasing an alluring aroma. Suitable for both adults and children, this dish is an effortless delight. Not only is it an ideal companion to rice, but when paired with noodles, it reaches the pinnacle of delectability. The sumptuous broth envelops the noodles and beef, creating a mouthwatering combination that lingers on the palate. Upon receiving the product, it is essential to store it in the freezer, as it is not suitable for room temperature storage. The usage is straightforward: remove the packaging's lid film and microwave for 2-3 minutes before savoring. After opening, please indulge promptly and avoid repeated freezing or reheating to maintain the optimal texture and flavor.

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