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Buydeem Instant Temperature Water Boiler, Cornel Pink



Buydeem Instant Temperature Water Boiler Cornel Pink

The Buydeem Instant Temperature Water Boiler is a step ahead of the rest. For traditional ‘always-on’ boilers, the entire pot of water is boiled and then reheated over and over again. This method can change the taste of water and waste electricity. Instead, we offer a unique solution. Our Boiler produces single servings that are heated once based on the volume your select. Maximizing the taste and freshness of the water you consume, this machine is made for total ease and complete wellness in your kitchen.

  • To help you find and use this machine at night, it is equipped with a soft light. A feature that is especially handy when feeding a baby while half asleep.
  • For improved usability and easily, the magnetic drain tray is removable with an effortless pull.
  • After 2 minutes, the Buydeem Boiler will auto-lock to prevent accidental use. The child lock function can be canceled anytime with a simple button push.

Removable Water Tank

As with all Buydeem products, convenience is a major part of the design. The water tank with level marking detaches from the main machine base for simplified filling.

Food-Grade Materials 

FDA-approved, to ensure your safety the control panel is waterproof and the acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer SAN plastic water tank is BPA-free.


To help you minimize the tasks you need to complete in a day, this Boiler comes with a self-clean function that requires no disassembly of parts or damp hands. From start to finish the cleaning process takes 7 minutes.


Capacity 88oz (2.6L)
Color Pink
Model Number S7133
Net Weight 5.5lbs
Product Dimension 12.2'' x 7'' x 11''
Package Dimension 13.8'' x 12.7'' x 7.9''