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Chef's Choice

Chef's Choice Premium Cornish Game Hen 1.1-1.4 lb

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It's been a long time since I bought this little chicken! This time I got a new salt-baked chicken. This method can be applied to whole chickens or drumsticks. The steaming time is also adjusted according to the size of the chicken. 1. After washing the chicken, cut (cut) from the breast, and then level the chicken. Drain the water with kitchen paper. 2. Put the chicken into a large bowl, then add an appropriate amount of salt-baked chicken powder, white pepper powder, pepper oil, marinate the whole body of the chicken, add ginger slices, and put it in the refrigerator for one night. 3. The next day, take the chicks out of the refrigerator. The marinated ginger slices are spread evenly in the steaming dish, then the chicken is spread on the ginger slices, and each water is steamed for about 20 minutes. This steaming time is adjusted according to the size of the chicken. 4. After steaming, put the chicken on a separate plate, debone, cut (cut) the meat into pieces, and place on a plate. 5. Take another small pot, saute ginger diced and red pepper diced until fragrant, then pour the soup in the steaming dish into the small pot, you can taste the taste. If the flavor is not enough, you can make a proper second seasoning. But the rule is, rather bland than salty. If you like spicy food, you can use millet peppers instead. 6. Pour the prepared chicken juice evenly on the chicken on the plate, and you are ready to eat! People with bad teeth in the family eat meat. And the chicken skeleton is left to the only person with good teeth to destroy it! 😹

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Made In:United StatesUnit Qty:1.1-1.4 lbBrand:Chef's Choice


Chef's Choice Premium Cornish Game Hen

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