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Foong's Kitchen pork meatballs with rice 1-12 oz

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Made In:CanadaUnit Qty:1-12 ozBrand:Foong's Kitchen
Eggs,Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Foong's Kitchen pork meatballs with rice Bowl

Braised Lion's Head(pork meatballs) is a classic Chinese traditional dish, renowned for its carefully selected meat and unique braised seasoning, making it a highlight on your dining table.

Features and Advantages:

Rich Texture: Each meatball is meticulously crafted, offering a tender and flavorful experience.

Healthy and Nutritious: We select premium ingredients to ensure the nutritional value of the product, allowing you to eat healthily and with peace of mind.

Secret Braised Seasoning: Utilizing a unique braised seasoning, each bite is savory and unforgettable.

Convenient and Quick: Simply heat and enjoy, even amidst your busy lifestyle.

Usage Tips:

Once opened, consume promptly to maintain the best taste.

Foong's Kitchen pork meatballs with rice Bowl combines traditional Chinese cuisine with modern living, bringing you a healthy and delicious dining experience. Whether you lead a fast-paced life or pursue gourmet quality, satisfaction awaits within this dish.

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