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Formosa Yay

Formosa Yay Black Glutinous Rice 1.5 lb

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Made In:TaiwanUnit Qty:1.5 lbBrand:Formosa Yay

Formosa Yay Black Glutinous Rice Description

Purple or Black rice is a variety of rice, belonging to the glutinous rice category. It is only cultivated in small amounts in Sichuan, Guizhou, and Yunnan. It is a more precious rice variety, divided into two types: purple japonica and purple glutinous rice. Purple rice has uniform particles, purple and black in color, and tastes sweet but not greasy.

Purple rice is used to cook rice, which is very fragrant and waxy. As a tonic, it is called purple glutinous rice or "medicine valley". The rice porridge boiled with purple rice is bright, oily, soft and palatable. Because it is rich in nutrients and has a good nourishing effect, it is called "blood-tonifying rice" and "longevity rice". Black glutinous rice is known as "black pearl". Rice plants are rice with a purple-red seed coat. Because the rice is waxy, it is also called blood glutinous rice. Black glutinous rice has high nutritional value. In addition to protein, fat and carbohydrates, it is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2, etc. Black glutinous rice has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi. It can be used for long-term fitness and can also be used in wine.

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