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Hansang Korean Leek Pancake, Frozen 450 g

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Made In:South KoreaUnit Qty:450 g
Eggs,Shellfish,Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Hansang Korean leek pancakes are fresh, delicious, and easy to prepare. Simply fry on a pan until golden brown and enjoy with your favorite soy sauce and chili oil. 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, chives, squid, pancake flour [wheat flour, seasonings (salt, wheat flour, soybeans), salt, sugar, baking powder (corn starch)], carrots, whole egg liquid, soybean oil, pepper, frying powder [wheat flour , seasonings (corn starch, salt, garlic powder, black pepper), corn flour, baking powder (corn starch), rice noodles], red pepper, salt, shrimp powder (shrimp), monosodium glutamate.

Storage method: Keep frozen 


Hansang Korean Leek Pancake

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