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Hsu's Hokkaido Kombu Dried Seaweed 227 g

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Made In:JapanUnit Qty:227 gBrand:Hsu's


Hsu's Hokkaido Kombo Dried Seaweed is a perfect accompaniment to soup and cold salad.

The seaweed is thick and delicious, retains its umami and toughness after being stewed, and has a slight taste of sweetness. In 797 in Japan, kelp was regarded as a tribute and was very precious. Kombu is a kind of seaweed that grows in frigid seas. About 90% of the konbu eaten in the market is produced in Hokkaido.

Kombu is low in calories and rich in minerals; 23 times that of milk, and 39 times that of calcium. Kombu is also a very good alkaline food, which allows us to maintain a healthy physique which tends to be acidic due to consuming a large amount of meat or processed food.

Once the seaweed is soaked in water and softened, it can be used in various cooking dishes.


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