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Indonest Premium Bird Nest CAA - 250gr


This product is CAA grade high quality dried bird nest, contains 250grams net weight. This bird nest shape is Triangle shape. 


Indonest gift's bag will be included in each order. 


Indonest which refers to Indonesian Birds Nest is a family owned and operated business that specializes in produced Edible Birds Nest (Yin Ni Yan Wo). Based and imported directly out of beautiful Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonest takes pride in offering the highest quality all natural Birds Nest to United States since 2006. Be assured that your Birds nest has been hand harvested from our family farm (an original swiftlet nests site), hand cleaned, prepared and packaged. There are no additives, additional coloring or shaping. We appreciate and thank you in advance for selecting Indonest and we know you will be satisfied with our hard work. Indonest products are all natural Medicinal Birds Nest, FDA/USDA inspected.


Product Details & Buying Guide

1. Natural Color - The purest of Birdnest is usually Off White or Yellowish in coloring. Natural colors vary and are whitish, yellowish, or rare reddish tone. Raw or Unprocessed Bird ’s nest usually contains dirt, foliage, feathers, and feces.

2. No Preservative/AdditivesIndonest only uses all-natural water in the cleaning process. Most processed Bird’s nest on the market use bleaching/ dying to color or whiten their product for more appeal which often leads to lower quality and lower health benefits.  Those Bird’s nests are extremely white.

3. Protein Smell - Indonest dry birdnest's smell should be protein smell, like fishy or egg. The smell of the Birdnest should remain the same after cooking. Processed Birdnest on the market use a mix of additives to make the product more beneficial, which directly affects the smell and consistency.

4. Shapes & Sizes - Indonest carry the same highest quality birdnest, the only different is the shape & size. Processed Bird ’s nest shapes are uniform. During a drying process after cleaning, they are pressed to form an identical appearance. There is no preset shape or size. They usually resemble a shallow cup formation and come in several different size.

5. Soft & Thick Textures - Once you soak the dry birdnest into water for about 3-4 hours, it should enlarge and the texture will become soft/thick. It should remain the same after cooking about 1.5 hours and not fall apart into smaller pieces on its own. The textures will taste like jelly and little crunch like seaweed. Also, the water should remain clear and not cloudy.

Soaking and Cooking Directions

1. Add about 38 grams (3-4 pieces) of bird nest into a bowl of room temperature water.

2. Leave it in a bowl for 5-7 hours (overnight if necessary)

3. Drain the expanded bird nest with strainer

4. Shred the bird nest along their natural strands, pinch at the nest legs to break if apart if necessary. (This is optional, depend on texture taste preference)

5. Place the bird nest into the bowl of water and rinse it to remove the impurities buried deep inside the nest. The bird nest has gone thru cleaning process, however if prefer, it may be rinse once more to clean all the dirt or dust collected during storage. 

6. Put clean bird nest into the ceramic pot, add 4 cups of water, rock sugar as needed, depend of preference, add some jujube deed, ginseng, dried lotus or any other herbs. Another way to cook it as chicken soup or any dish soup. 

7. Steam it about 20-30 minutes with steam pot in low heat. You may also use slow cooker to cook it. 

8. Bird nest ready to serve and best to consume in small bowl every day. 


Disclaimer: Product pictures are for reference only. Due to photographic lighting and different devices used to view the displayed product, the color, shade, or tone you see may vary slightly different from the actual product. Similarly, other slight variations may occur between the product displayed and the actual product.