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Itsuki Foods

Itsuki Sapporo Miso Ramen 6.63 oz

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Instant Instant Noodles Prepared Food
Made In:JapanUnit Qty:6.63 ozBrand:Itsuki Foods
Wheat (Gluten),Soy.



Noodles: Wheat flour, salt, potassium and sodium carbonate.

Soup Base: Powdered miso (soybean, rice, salt, dextrin, caramel color), salt, sugar, powdered sesame oil), yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, onion powder, soy sauce powder (defatted soybean, wheat, salt, soybean, dextrin), spices, chili mix (sesame), garlic powder, ginger powder, monosodium ribonucleotides, caramel color, silicon dioxide, and artificial flavor.

Allergens: Wheat, soy ingredients, and sesame. This product has been made in a factory which uses milk, egg, fish, crustacean (shrimp, crab), and buckwheat.

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature in a dry place, and avoid direct sunlight. Once opened, consume as soon as possible.

Premium instant ramen. Yes, premium. This is the number one selling ramen brand in Japan--that's saying something about quality and taste. Miso Ramen was invented in the city of Sapporo, and that rich flavor is hard to beat. Slurp away.

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