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MUJI Fried Okonomiyaki Wasabi Flavored Rice Crackers 55g

Milk,Eggs,Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Product Name|Fried Okonomiyaki Wasabi Flavored Fried Rice Crackers
Features|Shaobing made with domestic glutinous rice. The bite-sized dough is deep fried and seasoned with Azumino wasabi powder for a refreshing aroma and spiciness. It is characterized by a spicy taste of wasabi and a refreshing aftertaste.
Appreciation period|120 days from the date of production

Kind tips:
1. Sufficient protection measures have been taken for snack products and snack gift boxes before delivery. Due to the crisp nature of egg rolls, biscuits, and puffed snacks, they are fragile.
The express delivery is far away, and it is inevitable that there will be uncontrollable phenomena of extrusion or collision during transportation.
We cannot guarantee the integrity of the biscuits to your hands~
It is normal to have small pieces after receiving the goods, I hope the fairies will understand~
If you can't accept the biscuits being "cracked", "broken" and "broken", please think twice before making a photo!
(If the quality of the non-food itself is sold, such as the product is broken, cannot be given away, is not tasty, etc.,
It does not affect eating, and is not a reason for return or compensation! )
2. Due to uncontrollable temperature factors during transportation, chocolate candies and other commodities may melt, please purchase carefully. In the event of a product melting incident, it is not a quality problem, and returns and refunds are not supported!