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Melogold Grapefruit 5 count

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First up, let's answer the billion-dollar question:

What's the difference between a grapefruit and a pomelo?

In short, with the way people use these two terms, they're essentially the same thing

However, if you were to trace back to each fruit's historical roots, they're actually two different fruits, despite their nearly identical nutritional values

Amazing, right?

Let's learn more about them!

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However, pomelos are a natural citrus fruit meanwhile grapefruits are subtropical citrus fruit (aka they're a cross between sweet oranges and pomelos)



Their peels are different as well. The skin of a grapefruit is yellow-orange and is oftentimes softer and thinner than that of a pomelo's skin



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* The color of the grapefruit may tend to be yellow 


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