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Mizkan Kintsubu Toromame Natto Rich Flavor Frozen 3pk

Freshness Guarantee
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Product highlights
Good taste
Healthy and high fiber
Convenient packaging
Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Made from non-GMO soy and super convenient to use, the natto pack has a snap button so you can open the lid to add the sauce.
Natto is soft and glutinous, the easiest way to eat it is with rice.

Ingredients list:
● 【Natto】Soybean (the US or Canada) (non-GMO), natto fungus

● 【Sauce】Fructose glucose liquid sugar, salt, brewed soybean (including wheat and soybean), vegetable protein hydrolyzate (including soybean), brewed vinegar, sugar, soybean stock, natto stock, kelp stock/seasoning (amino acids, etc. ), thickening polysaccharides, alcohol, vitamin B1.

Storage method: Refrigeration required.