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Qiuyue Pear Gift Box 6-10ct 8-10lb 1 case

Freshness Guarantee
Weekly sold 300+


What's so special about these pears?

Qiuyue pears are of a Japanese variety

These pears are - fresh, delicate, crisp, juicy, sweet

These pears are a cross between three different pears

They are very juicy with an 81% water content

Take a bite and taste the sweet juices

Your first bite will be extremely refreshing

The pit of these pears are quite small compared to other pears

The flesh of the pear is crystal clear

Regular pears have a Brix rating between 10-12

The sweetness of these pears has a Brix rating of about 16!

Qiuyue pears do not have the same textures as your average pear

Instead, the soft & delicate flesh melts in your mouth without much chew; it's not grainy when compared to your average pears

This makes it perfect for babies to eat as well!

Grab a box to try, you won't regret this type of pear

Note: Package may differ

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