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SAUZ - Spicy Stinky Tofu Hot Pot 920 ml


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Tate Taiwan at home. Spicy Hot Pot is a common food in Taiwan. How to Cook: heat the broth, adding 300-400cc of water as desired.​

STINKY TOFU (臭豆腐) is a notoriously smelly type of tofu with origins in 17th century China. Spicy, savoury Stinky Tofu Soup is the ideal gateway to introduce first-timers to this controversial ingredient. Simmered in an aromatic broth, the stinky tofu becomes less pungent and more palatable to those who might be unfamiliar with its unique flavour. This gluten-free and vegan recipe takes 5 minutes to make and will transport you straight to the bustling night markets of Taiwan!

TAIWAN: MALA STINKY TOFU: is a new cooking method for stinky tofu in Taiwan. Because of the prevalence of spicy hot pot, Taiwanese people came up with a new idea of forming a rich-flavoured spicy hot pot soup base by using stinky tofu, duck blood, and [sometimes] Chinese sauerkraut as the ingredients. This innovative cooking method of stinky tofu is now popular in Taiwanese culture.

The mala stinky tofu dish went well with a bowl of rice, and was perhaps the best dish of the night. This dish was emptied out within minutes and we fought over the last piece of stinky tofu, intestine, and blood tofu!

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