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Smile Candy Dream Grape 2 lb

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Made In:United StatesUnit Qty:2 lbBrand:Smile

Smile Candy Dream Grape Description

Get these while you can; Candy Dreams® are for a limited time only!

Take a bite to get a burst of tasty grape jam flavor encased in a thin skin,must have a try!

Not just any hybrid black seedless grape, the intense berry/concord jam flavor from the Candy Dreams® is unbelievable and genuinely bring something unique to the table. 


Select grapes that are firm and plump on all sides. Avoid grapes that show shrivel, mold or excess moisture in the clamshell/bag. Healthy grapes may present a light silver-colored dusting on the skin called bloom, which is a natural way of the plant protecting the fruit from drying out or rotting. Always check the stems! Ideally, you’ll select grapes with a stem that is green and flexible.



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