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YOKU MOKU Early Summer Limited Cigar Au Matcha Eggroll 14 pcs

Brand:Yoku Moku
Milk,Eggs,Wheat (Gluten),Almond.


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This product is a snack within 40 days from the date of delivery (best taste period). If you mind, please decide carefully.


Ingredients: butter(made in Hokkaido), matcha chocolate ,sugar, liquid egg white, wheat, matcha, emulsifier


Nutritions(every 1 piece):

Calorie 95kcal, protein 0.9g, fat 6.5g, carbohydrate 8.2g, salt 0.07g


Storage: Srorage at some place could avoid high tempreature and moisture enviroment and some place cool.

Maker: YOKU MOKU CO., LTD. Tokyo-To Minato-Ku Minamiaoyama 5-3-3

Manufactured address: YOKU MOKU CLEAR CO.,LTD. Tochigi-Ken Nikkou-Shi Tsuchizawa1852-1

Chocolate will melt at about 28°C(82.4°F)and the oil part will turn white. It may make the taste worse but is still safe to eat.

The matcha contains may fading and it's safe to eat. You may see the green dot in the product and that is matcha contains.

Please eat faster after open the package.


Would you like enjoy your free time after work and housework? The special matcha flavor cigar eggroll is a new product fit this early summer season which is newly greened.

Yoku Moku use their throwback matcha storage and used rich butter eggroll paste and chocolate. You could enjoy the rich and strong taste of matcha and it's special sweet after taste.

Also, the product are packged with the beauty and elegent of tea leaf which makes it also suitable for gifts.

If you enjoy your own time with the matcha eggroll, it will be your light luxury.

Pleasu try this season's special interest.


Cigar Au Matcha used rich butter cookie paste which contains throwback matcha material. The eggroll were baked to roll-shaped and filled with matcha chocolate.

The matcha flavor eggroll produced by Yoku Moku has been renewaled this year and from now, the matcha flavor eggroll does not only use matcha on in the cookie paste but also in the inside chocolate. You could enjoy it's amazing after sweet by the double matcha design.

The cigar au matcha used Uji-matcha. This kind of matcha use the spring's first tea leaf and aging in a suitable tempreature enviroment for about hafe a year to one year. You could enjoy the special after sweet taste of those throwback matcha.

The butter used in cigar eggroll has it's particular taste of butter. Combined with matcha's natul refreshing taste you could enjoy the unusual taste and it's also a unexpected balanced mixture. The eggroll were baked carefully to protect the matcha's colour and make it suitable for this season.