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ジェジュンベビーピュアシャイニングマスクパック10枚 1 箱

セルフケア スキンケア ヘルスケア バス&ボディ ヘアケア・スタイリング メイクアップ ビューティー用品 ベビー用品 ギフト&セット
産地:韓国数量単位:1 箱ブランド:Jayjun

ジェジュンベビーピュアシャイニングマスクパック10枚 説明

Jayjyun Baby Pury Shining Mask 10 Sheets

Three whitening facial skincare in one – Blooming Essence, Shining Mask, and Hydro Eyecream

STEP 1 : Blooming Essence

Skin becomes dry and tired because of harmful influence of the external environment. The essence contains damask rose water and jatropha oil, that are famous for moisturizing and soothing effects for skin.

STEP 2 : Intensive Shining Mask.

With various moisturizing and soothing ingredients, the mask has whitening and anti-wrinkle effects with the help of concentrated nutrients.

STEP 3 : Hydro Eye cream.

The exclusive eye care cream soothes skin around eyes and makes it gentle. Containing such ingredients as jojoba oil and shea butter which maintain skin hydration, the cream sufficiently hydrates dry skin and prevents skin from becoming rough.

How to use :

 1. After cleansing your face with warm water, adjust the skin with a toner.

 2. Take appropriate amount of Step 1. Blooming Essence and apply it all over the face.

 3.Tack Step 2. Intensive Shining Mask out of its package.  Then apply the mask sheet on your face and hold it for 15-20 minutes while taking a rest.

4. Tack off the mask and gently tap your face till the remains are fully absorbed.

5. Take appropriate amount of Step 3.  Hydro Eye cream and apply it around the eye area.

Major Ingredients: Damask Rose water/ Citrus grandis extract / Jojoba seed Oil.


Made in Korea