Asparagus 1 bunch

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Asparagus 1 bunch
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The asparagus is super fresh! In addition to these servings in the photo, there are 4 other asparagus roots that are not cooked (a total of 11 thick asparagus roots)
It's more tender than Costco's asparagus, and it's not particularly thin. Simple dishes are delicious.
Carol Huang
Emerald green and fresh, standing dishes bought at a special price, very good 👍
Repurchased several times, but this time it was very dry, and most of it was removed
The asparagus is still relatively tender and will be repurchased
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1 bunch

If you love asparagus, you really love asparagus. It adds that color, texture, and perfect flavor to any dish. For those who insist that it produces a not so pleasant smell, it turns out that not everybody is in that boat. Let the haters hate, but go on and get yourself a bunch of asparagus. Those life-giving asparagus risottos aren't going to make themselves.