Ataulfo Mangoes 9-10 lb

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Ataulfo Mangoes 9-10 lb
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The price is great. Excellent mangoes. Tangy sweet and juicy. Leave the mangoes on kitchen counter. The warmth in kitchen will ripened mangoes. To accelerate, wrap mango individually with newspaper. To check, mangoes are ready when you can smell fragrance and when the skin gets really wrinkle. Examples are in my pictures.
All green, no one can eat
There are a lot of them in a box. Put an apple in it and you can eat it. Unfortunately, the quality of the mango is not good. The dry skin is also wrinkled, sour and not sweet at all, so I won't buy it again.
The mango is too sour to eat. After being left for a week, a golden cut of the skin is black. I don't know what the others will be like!
What a fresh mango! ! Wait for the mangoes to be ripe and eat! Will definitely repurchase again!
The mango looks nice on the outside but when I cut them up almost all of them are black on the inside. So sad. Won’t buy it again until they are in season
So sad, some mangoes are wrinkled, hope they are delicious
I bought Manila mangoes for the first time, some are ripe, some can wait a few days, just to eat together
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9-10 lb
Ataulfo Mangoes