California Loquats 2 lb

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California Loquats 2 lb
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Reviews (31)
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I have eaten the best loquat in the past few years and I will repurchase it.
Small in size, part of it is blackened, and the box weighs less than two pounds, it is not fresh, the taste is light, and there is a little sweetness
Regardless of its size, it's really sweet, hurry up and restock
It's okay, there are some small bumps, but it's not very serious, and the taste is okay, some sweet, some almost a bit.
There are yellow meat and white meat, the color of the white meat is not right, the size is okay, the taste... Even if it is fun, just buy it once 😂
Most are good but some are already bruised. If you buy these in person or pick at the farms, price is categorized by size. The bigger one range from 7.99 lb to 9.99lb, cheaper ones are smaller. This pack had probably contains 30% bigger ones and the rest are small/medium. Even on sale it's 8.99lb. So even on sale it's expensive. The photo on the site leads you to think a package contains all the same size, it does not. .
Half of a box is rotten, too disappointed and the remaining half is very small, less than 1/3 of the normal size
Feng Xu
Loquat is good, there seem to be two kinds in it, one is sweet and the other is lighter, but overall it is quite satisfactory
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United States
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2 lb

California Loquats