Chen Yun Pao Chuan Sun Cakes Box 5pc 6.7 oz

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Chen Yun Pao Chuan Sun Cakes Box 5pc 6.7 oz
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Reviews (114)
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I bought it for the first time, the evaluation was pretty good
There are 5 in a box. Bake them in a small oven at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. They are fragrant and delicious.
It's more delicate and delicious than ordinary sun cakes
Lareina ʚɞ
Chen Yun Baoquan's pastry products have been eaten, and they have been bought and tasted many times. Among all the products, this sun cake is my favorite! The characteristic is that it is not sweet or greasy~ the entrance feels just right! Its Yudanbo, Egg Yolk Crisp, and Jinsha Crisp are all sweet and have a thick taste. After eating, they will want to drink a lot of hydrolyzed greasy. The follow-up experience is not very good! However, this sun cake is really recommended, delicious 😋
Fei Zhao
No other tastes good, harder and simpler
Very fragrant milk taste, will repurchase at special price
It’s not very sweet when you buy it at a discount
All kinds of snacks of this brand are good, and the sun cakes have not had time to taste. Favorite egg yolk cake is the cheapest!
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Unit Qty:
6.7 oz

Allergens: Wheat and milk.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

A popular Taiwanese pastry, behold the Tai Yang Bing. Bite into the flaky bread to get to the gooey sweet filling. With tea or dipped in warm almond milk, can you resist this moment?