Chinese Little Greens 1 lb

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Chinese Little Greens 1 lb
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The dishes are dry and fresh. But there are more yellow leaves (not rotten leaves), which takes time to pick. The taste is different from domestic chicken feathers, and it is more like the taste of cabbage seedlings.
Yes, it is indeed fresh however, there are bits of slightly rotten leaves and broken-off pieces/leaves (which causes it to change color). Almost half the bag was inedible. To those who REALLY want to buy this, please be careful about encountering this possible scenario. Overall, this is a disappointing experience.
It's not fresh, most of them are yellow or broken leaves, maybe less than one third of them can be eaten
Won't buy it again, don't like it and it's not very fresh a lot of rotten leaves
The chicken feathers were not very fresh this time. Many yellow and rotten leaves were picked up. However, it is understandable that it is impossible for the vegetables to be so fresh every time. Difficulty! Hope weee's service is getting better and better!
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