Daoxiangcun Sweetheart Cake 420 g

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Daoxiangcun Sweetheart Cake 420 g
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Reviews (29)
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Although the cooking method is a bit more troublesome, the finished product looks like a wife's cake baked by yourself. It is delicious! Will repurchase again
I hope it is my favorite wife cake. Although it hasn't been opened yet hahaha
Next time I’ll buy the finished product
don't tell me how emmm tastes Follow the instructions to bake, none of them succeeded Two strokes vs. no strokes, half-baked and turned and squashed vs. not turned and squashed vs. neither turned nor squashed. There is no difference when they are baked, all of them are missing.... Just eat it yourself, think twice if you plan to use this to entertain guests
It smells so bad, it took an hour to open the doors and windows before the wind was gone, just read the comments early
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Unit Qty:
420 g

Storage: Keep frozen.

This cake is uncooked.  Baking instructions are located on the product packaging.