Emerald Watermelon 1 count

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Emerald Watermelon 1 count
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Reviews (8)
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This is the 4th one we bought so far and this one is not sweet. I guess there are some unlucky ones too.
Elva Chen
The watermelon is not ripe yet, it's white
Jack Wu
This time the watermelon is okay, it tastes good
It’s been a long time since I had such a delicious watermelon! Although the skin is a little thicker, it's fresh and sweet. It's quite big, and it is estimated that a family of three can't finish eating twice.
Amazing! I believe this watermelon is DENSUKE watermelon from Japan. It’s sweet and meaty all around! One of the best purchases from Weee. Thank you Weee for letting us in the states get some high quality food like this!
Super sweet, super crisp, super loose! Waiting to eat black-skin watermelon every year, very satisfied
The skin is a bit thick and the meat is a bit white, but the taste is good, crunchy and juicy, not very sweet.
This kind of watermelon juice sweet meat is crispy, very delicious, I highly recommend it to everyone.
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