Fresh Dill 1 bunch

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Fresh Dill 1 bunch
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This thing is not fennel at all, but dill, speechless 😓.
Jessica Liao
As soon as I opened the box, I saw the so-called fresh fennel on the Internet. It is not fresh at all, it has completely lost its moisture, and there is no bag for it!!!
The amount of fennel is just right, so it’s perfect for making dumplings
This handful of fennel is very fresh, but the scent is lighter
Every time I buy fennel, I don’t put it in a bag. I don’t know why. This is the amount of three.
The smell of fennel is very strong, so no one will appreciate it when we cook it alone. I added some vegetables to the recently rammed tofu hamburger steak, but it was unexpectedly delicious, even children would not reject it.
The fennel is very fresh, you can make dumplings later
One hand has a relatively small amount. These are two shredded. They were not bagged when they were shipped. Some water loss
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1 bunch
Fresh Dill