Healthful Coffee Wafer Rolls 400 g

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Healthful Coffee Wafer Rolls 400 g
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Cynthia Cheng
We bought coffee and brown sugar flavors, and the whole family liked them, so we repurchased them again. The egg rolls are very thin and crispy. Coffee or brown sugar has a strong aroma, but you can't eat thick and greasy fillings. The taste and proportions are great. The more troublesome thing is that every time we pay for a bag that we don't need. I hope there is an option to avoid the bag.
Master Black Rolled Heart Crisp, each taste is good, every time four of them are eating, they will repurchase
The smell of aromatic coffee is tangy
The nostalgic roll cake, this time I bought it in coffee flavor, it is a bite after bite, it is great to be able to buy it on Weee! There is also a bag for gifts
I used to like to eat this roll cake, a touch of coffee, delicious~
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400 g