Instant Burned Grass Powder 12pk 120 g

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Instant Burned Grass Powder 12pk 120 g
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Reviews (8)
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Rita Cheng
Weee has more and more authentic Taiwanese products, awesome! It is delicious, plus the taro balls cooked by yourself. It is recommended that you like sweeter ones. You can add 20cc less than the hot water according to the instructions, and you will repurchase them. #Weee Taiwan Week
A must-buy instant burning grass when you return to Taiwan. I wonder why this item was charged 8.25% sales tax?
Giant Sequoia
It's very convenient to buy glutinous rice noodles.
It’s a small bag than I thought, but there are 12 bags in it, it should be ok. I haven’t bought it but I’ve seen a lot of good reviews.
I brought this one by myself before, and it is on Weee. It's delicious!
It's delicious, it will be repurchased, but it is super hard to buy!
If you can't drink the ready-made burnt grass, brew this fairy grass powder to temporarily relieve your gluttony~
nancy chin
A box is the size of a palm, and I hope it will taste delicious for the first time.
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120 g
Instant Burned Grass Powder 12pk