Lemon Plums 1.8 lb

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Lemon Plums 1.8 lb
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小糯米 Karen Lu
Ordinary dinosaur eggs that are not tasty, not sweet, and tasteless are better than this
Just like ordinary plums, try them when they are discounted
When it was delivered, it should have been for a while, so there was a mold, and the others were soft, sweet and delicious
It's a little darker than the color in the picture. The sweetness is moderate. The baby eats one and eats it.
Very fresh, full of moisture and sweet, I like it very much, it must be repurchased!
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1.8 lb

Plums, but make them fancy. Really fancy. This new variety is last to be harvested in the Chilean fruit season, making this fruit especially limited and super cool. This heart-shaped plum has a skin that turns from lemon-yellow to red from the pointed end as it ripens. As it peaks in sugar, the inside turns a lush amber color. Lemon Plums are named for their resemblance to a lemon in shape and color only--they are extremely sweet and very juicy. Love is in the bite with this fruit.