Mango Mango Yam Mochi 450 g

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Mango Mango Yam Mochi 450 g
Taro, Sweet Potato, and Purple Yam
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Reviews (149)
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The taro balls are the big taro balls in the burnt grass. They are also very flavorful. They are taro or sweet potatoes. Apart from being more expensive, they are really delicious.
The package is flatter than the previous one, but the weight doesn’t seem to have changed
Homemade dessert , forgot I bought these , no instructions on package , followed my own instinct , added to my tofu pudding , taste great 👍
This can be a large brand and reliable
The taste is very natural, fragrant and convenient. You don’t need to eat out when you make it at home! I will definitely buy it
It's delicious, it has a little sweetness, it's delicious with some coconut milk with the burnt grass
Now they are all new packaging, I hope they taste the same
Rannie Zeng
It's the taste of fresh taro fairy! Very tasty
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United States
Unit Qty:
450 g

Ingredients: Fresh yams, tapioca starch, glucose, hydroxypropyl, distarch phosphate, silicone dioxide, and flavor.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Cooking Instructions: Cook in boiled water for 5 minutes.

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