Myojo Ramen, Premium Garlic Miso 10.86 oz

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Myojo Ramen, Premium Garlic Miso 10.86 oz
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Reviews (26)
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A pack of two servings has good CP value but a bit salty
The ramen has a good taste and a good soup, but there is no garlic aroma.
Manchi Au Yeung Leung
My two sons are very supportive, delicious
Take advantage of the buy 3 get 1 free event to buy early. The garlic-flavored soup is not oily and salty, with a light garlic flavor, and the noodles are wide and slightly rolled, which is quite smooth. Refreshing ramen noodles.
This noodle is thicker than the green packaging, I like it better
The garlic has a stronger scent, and the taste is lighter than that of pork bone, but it tastes good
There are two small packets in one big bag. Add some eggs and meat. It's just enough for a family of three. It tastes very good.
All of the myojo ramen kits I’ve purchased are super delicious! The broth is savory and full of flavor. We add fish cake, corn, wood ear mushrooms, egg and scallion for a complete meal!
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10.86 oz