Nissin Raoh Ramen, Tonkotsu Flavor

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Nissin Raoh Ramen, Tonkotsu Flavor
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Redeemable, a small package, I don’t know how it tastes
Forgot to take pictures before eating😓 This ramen is very cost-effective, and it is suitable for family ramen~ Served with roast pork and char siu next door ➕ fungus ➕Corn ➕Home-grown spring onions fresh! delicious! The family likes it very much
Kids like this Nissin Ramen
I bought it for the first time. I tried it today and it was delicious. I immediately made another 10 packs.
I tried this ramen for the first time and I added some ingredients to make do with it The flavor of the seasoning is very similar to Japanese ramen!!! And the portion is bigger than expected, not bad
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Ingredients:: wheat flour, modified food starch, vegetable oil, salt, corn starch, caramel color, soybeans, spices, sugar, wheat, sesame.

Allergens: contains wheat, soy, eggs and milk

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight


Non-fried ramen noodles made using traditional craftsmanship resulting in firm yet smooth noodles. The soup base is made from high-quality ingredients using a secret seasoning and cooked for a long time using traditional techniques.


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