Oyster Mushrooms 6 oz

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Oyster Mushrooms 6 oz
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I bought it for the second time, it is very fresh, where the fried pork and beef are delicious
Looks very fresh! Bought at a discount, cost-effective
I don’t like the taste of oyster mushrooms, but the quality is good
Very fresh and delicious, repurchase at a special price
Sylvia 英杰
Unlimited repurchase special fresh likes👍
Very tasty little mushrooms, recommended.
Some parts are not fresh this time, but it still doesn't affect its deliciousness!
Pleurotus ostreatus is a must in my family. This time I made a spicy hotpot.
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United States
Unit Qty:
6 oz

Storage conditions: Refrigeration recommended.

Beloved oyster mushrooms. We love these little beauties for their mild flavor and velvety texture when cooked. Serve them in a stir-fried medley, and get in the zone with some good food.

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