Red Bean ZongZi 18.3oz

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Red Bean ZongZi 18.3oz
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I still like 😍 this kind of sweet little dumplings, sprinkled with brown sugar is so delicious! (๑´ڡ`๑)
Eight small ones can be eaten after 15 minutes of steaming in a pressure cooker. They are delicious
Repurchased for the third time, small, no waste
Little one, no pressure to eat. I have repurchased it several times and it is delicious.
A pack of eight mini dumplings, the child ate four of them in one go! Moderate sweetness, will repurchase
The whole family likes small dumplings like 😍, sprinkled with brown sugar, perfect~
Phatgurl VCY
The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, I can only buy sweet ones...
Small and cute rice dumplings are not particularly sweet, they are delicious. Although it should be better if steamed, it is not bad to be lazy and wrap the microwave in wet kitchen paper for 1 minute! It’s almost the Dragon Boat Festival, and the rice dumplings will be eaten 🤗
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Red Bean ZongZi 18.3oz